January 30, 2015

“Color-changing” vinyl could grow your shop’s repertoire.

This month, we’ll address a fun topic (no profit-and-loss statements!). After decades in this industry, we’ve seen first-hand vinyl’s development, real-world testing, failures and ultimate success. We can always demand more from our materials, but vinyl has undergone an amazing revolution. Manufacturers are continuously testing and reinventing vinyl to provide better products for our industry.

The wrap process has changed little over the last 20 years. Vinyl and printing equipment have made drastic improvements, but you still run bright-white vinyl through an inkjet, electrostatic or thermal-transfer printer. Then, you laminate the final image with clear vinyl on a roller laminator or spray on a liquid topcoat that cures on the substrate. Lamination provides an additional layer of UV protection and abrasion resistance. For this reason, we never offer a wrap without it.

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