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We are dedicated to fresh creative, inspired innovation and superior materials at every step. When you work with us, you can expect a long-lasting finished product that makes your company stand out above the rest.

It’s our mission to cover every detail of every project. When you work with us, you don’t have to worry about meeting specifications, codes and other regulations that can cause headaches later if they’re not handled correctly the first time.

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The unique skill sets and core competencies of our leadership team combine to create a strong company known for both creativity and reliability.

Our management team has conquered many a challenge. Hands-on, in-depth experience guides our designers and installation crews to deliver a top performance–every time out–no matter where they are.

Each manager will tell you: Mistakes will happen, it’s what you do next that matters. This inspires our teams to be creative and innovative, resolving problems along the way. What appears to be brilliance (aren’t we modest?) is actually a disciplined, solution-focused attitude.


Our corporate headquarters houses office administration, management, design, and production departments for Media 1’s two major divisions – signage and wraps.

If you toured our shop, you’d see everything we work with under one roof: design, drafting, paint booth, fabrication, printing, installation and warehousing.

You’d see the most advanced technology and materials available from HP and 3M, which allow us to create photo-quality images on a grand scale, colors that get noticed and stay true, and designs that defy boring.

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Follow Along On Our Journey

Over the past three years, we've been passionately creating a reality show that details the daily lives of sign industry professionals. Through our ups and downs - join us on our journey to balance work life success and family life success - and all the little things in between that let you know you're on track... we like to call them signs