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Message from Media 1 / Wrap This President, Dale Salamacha

Thanks for checking out our website! 

I want to tell you a little bit of our history. (I’ll make it as short as possible, but there’s a LOT… you might want to grab a beverage…)

I spent my youth growing up in my father’s body shop in Pittsburgh, PA, painting my first car when I was 14 years old. I loved the vibrant colors and the detailed skill it required to create these beautiful, shiny works of art. My Dad constantly preached: “If you’re gonna do something... you better do it right!” 

And that motto has driven my life’s work. 

In the early ’80s, we moved to Orlando, FL, and in my Junior year of high school I was offered a school-sponsored Work Program (half a day school, half a day work… and in addition to making $3.35/hour, it got me out of Algebra… I was all in!)

Tools of the trade back then? 

A lettering quill (fancy word for paintbrush) and an airbrush. That’s all there was.


With a brush. 


No vinyl, no computers, no full-color printers, no LED lighting, nothing. 

And at 16 years old, I founded this company. 

In my Mom’s garage. 

With a paint brush…

In 1985, adhesive vinyl & computer plotters were introduced, and in response, I borrowed money from my family and plied every vendor & client relationship I had, doing everything I could to become a force in this industry.

Fast-forward decades of technological advancements in the business, and Media 1 has consistently stayed on the cutting edge of the latest, most advanced sign technology on the planet.

Here are some highlights:

* In 1999, FL Electrical Sign Contractor (and Sign Install Wizard), Rick Ream, became my partner. (Now we REALLY take off!) 

* UL Licensed Fabricator status was added in 2002.

* The latest equipment, as well as adding steadfast employees over the years has built a team of skilled craftsmen that create amazing works of art. We love the fact that we have multiple employees still with us for over 20 years! 

* Among the very first companies in the US to offer vehicle wraps, nearly 30 years ago.

* The very FIRST company on the planet to wrap a boat, 25 years ago, literally inventing the boat wrap industry… even helping write 3M’s 2-year Marine Wrap Warranty.

* Currently wrapping (80) vehicles per month, every month, making us one of the largest consumers of 3M vinyl in the nation. 

* Signs and wrap projects are all completed in-house:

Design, Engineering, Permitting, Fabrication, and Installation are all handled by M1/WT employees. 

* 40 years of experience 

* And we're YouTube sensations!!!


…Ok, well that last one’s not quite true…


But we’re working on it!

…and through all of this, the prevailing thought throughout our company, still to this day?

“If you’re gonna do something... you better do it right!”

Welcome to the M1/WT Family. (You’re going to love us).

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