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Fleet Wraps

At Media 1 / Wrap This, we've wrapped thousands of company cars, trucks, vans and trailers since 1986 - we are fleet wrap experts.

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Vinyl fleet wraps are extemely popular among business owners who have multiple vehicles. Whether it's a small business with a few company cars or a large corporation with dozens or even hundreds of trucks, vinyl wraps offer a range of benefits for fleet owners.

One of the biggest benefits of vinyl wraps for fleets is the protection they provide. Vinyl wraps offer a protective layer that shields the vehicles from scratches, fading and other forms of damage. This not only helps keep the vehicles looking great, but also helps maintain their value over time.

In addition to protection, vinyl wraps also offer an affordable and effective way to advertise the business. Fleet vehicles with eye-catching vinyl wraps can serve as mobile billboards, reaching a wide audience wherever they go. This type of mobile advertising can be incredibly effective and provide a great return on investment for businesses.

Finally, vinyl wraps require no special efforts to maintain and can be removed and replaced easily, making it simple to switch up the design whenever desired, making it possible for fleet owners to update their branding and advertising as needed.

When it comes to passive advertising, vinyl wraps are a smart investment for any business owner with a fleet of vehicles. They offer protection, advertising opportunities and ease of maintenance, making them a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

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