“Color-changing” vinyl could grow your shop’s repertoire. This month, we’ll address a fun topic (no profit-and-loss statements!). After decades in this industry, we’ve seen first-hand vinyl’s development, real-world testing, failures and ultimate success. We can always demand more from our materials, but vinyl has undergone an amazing revolution. Manufacturers are continuously testing and reinventing vinyl to provide better products for our industry. The wrap process has changed little over the last 20 years. Vinyl and printing equipment have made drastic... Read MoreChameleon Colors

How to price yourself for profitability This month, we’re going to focus on pricing vehicle wraps so they make money for you and provide good value to your customers. This is trickier than it sounds, but it’s important for your shop and the industry as a whole. Varying costs of living nationwide dictate different pricing; as we discuss this, remember this may need adjusting wherever you call home. A wrap in San Francisco, for example, will cost more than one... Read MoreBack in Black

Damon discusses the shop’s boat-wrapping process. During the first quarter of every year, when Old Man Winter keeps even hardcore boating and fishing enthusiasts out of the water, competitive- fishing teams become some of our biggest clients. The majority of such work serves ESPN’s Bassmaster Elite series. For years, we’ve been wrapping boats and hauling trucks for some of the world’s best, such as Kevin Van Dam, Terry Scroggins and Gerald Swindle, to name a few. These anglers are required... Read MoreSo Pure It Floats

Media 1 creates some spicy signage for a Cuban-themed, Orlando restaurant. Cuba Libre opened its third location in Pointe Orlando, an inviting collection of outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment venues across the street from the Orange County (FL) Convention Center, the nation’s busiest such facility. The restaurant transports its guests to the now-forbidden island through an environment reminiscent of pre- Castro Old Havana. Cuba Libre offers lively music and late-night, Latinthemed floorshows, as well as an extensive selection of Latin... Read MoreLivin’ La Vida Libre