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Dale Salamacha, Partner: Media 1 / Wrap This

The unique skill sets and core competencies of our leadership team combine to create a strong company known for both creativity and reliability.

Our management team has conquered many a challenge. Hands-on, in-depth experience guides our designers and installation crews to deliver a top performance–every time out–no matter where they are.

Each manager will tell you: Mistakes will happen, it’s what you do next that matters. This inspires our teams to be creative and innovative, resolving problems along the way.


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Follow Along On Our Journey

Over the past three years, we've been passionately creating a reality show that details the daily lives of sign industry professionals. Through our ups and downs - join us on our journey to balance work life success and family life success - and all the little things in between that let you know you're on track... we like to call them signs