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We’ve had the privilege of working for clients from world-famous companies (with strict branding guidelines) and intrepid entrepreneurs with no rules and wild visions.  What do they all have in common?  A need for creativity and the expertise to turn their projects into reality.

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“If people don’t respond, it doesn’t matter how good they are. But they were clearly interested and eager to win the business, their creative was fresh and I thought they were taking it in the right direction. It was a learning experience, but they did all the right things and in turn, earned credibility with Disney and subsequent projects flew right through the approval process.”

“They never disappointed me. Their approach has always been one of partnership. They get that we’re operating our business in real time.”


“Although Media 1 may be a little higher than some other companies, they always provide quality work!  They provide a complete breakdown of all the costs associated with the signage and they stand behind their estimates.”

“With respect to expediency…they are fast!  When they say they’re going to give you something, you get it. When they say they’re going to do something, they do it. When I call, they call back which is important because I don’t have the time to chase people.”

“Media 1 is committed to what they do. They care about the customer and they’re reliable.”


“When you’re starting a new business, you’ve got a million things to deal with. They make it really hassle-free. They’re innovators. They think things through, they don’t give you a menu and say, ‘Here’s what we have.’ They say, ‘OK, what’s your goal, and let’s figure out the most efficient, cost-effective and quality-oriented way to accomplish it.’ That’s a rarity nowadays.”

“Our truck designs get your attention. We have 54 colors in our logo–it’s a bright son of a gun. So, I knew I needed to find somebody who wasn’t going to use cheap vinyl or cheap inks. We’d had those problems before. To me, a truck is our billboard, and the last thing you want is a ratty billboard driving down the road all day long because that’s the impression you’ll leave with people.”


“A lot of companies say, ‘We can ship anywhere’, but logistically, they don’t know how to handle it. We do stores in five states; the local company isn’t always better. Media 1’s quality and reliability outweighs any logistical problems. Logistically, they know how to handle out of their area. Media 1 has gotten freight rates that bring costs into line where I don’t have to worry about shipping. Their freight rates are very good.”

“Anybody can go out to sign guys who can print something on plastic. But translating that into three dimensions, even with a box-style sign, isn’t that easy…all those little details. Media 1 has found better ways and the signs are much better quality.”


“When I need something visually for my radio stations, they are my go-to.  There hasn’t been anything I needed that they haven’t been able to accomplish.  They’re a great resource to have.  The work they do is phenomenal.  I need work that is visually stimulating, and they achieve that.  Their work just pops.”

“I could go to a competitor, but we’ve built up such a trust that I automatically go to Media 1.  I know it’s going to get done.  I know it’s going to be quality and it’s going to be on time.”


“We’ve been wrapping boats, trucks and trailers for 12 years. We had bounced around to several different installers and print companies, but once we landed with Wrap This, that’s where we’ve done the majority of our work.”

“We have industry-leading personalities and the sponsors they represent are some of the largest companies in the world. We’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve from a design and materials standpoint. Whenever we have new creative ideas and share them with Media 1, they always have a solution. They keep us ahead of the curve.”


“I challenged an employee: ‘Look at the best quality wraps at the shows and find out who does them. I want to talk to them.’ Whenever he saw four or five boats that looked the best, he found what they had in common was they were all done by Wrap This.”

“Our Nitro Z8 and Z9 boats have a lot of style lines–they’re pretty tricky to wrap, to get the material to stick and look smooth. You can run your hands underneath the style lines and feel one solid line, where with other vendors, you could feel air bubbles.”

“We haven’t had one issue with one boat wrap coming off in the field. These elite anglers will jump over stumps and put their boats in places the average guy wouldn’t–because that’s their living–catching fish. They demand the best out of their equipment.”


“I used to think I was busy, but compared to now that’s nothing. At the end of the day, I need turn-key solutions. I need to be able to rock it out with a company I can count on. I know that Wrap This is a phone call away and they never fail me.”

“Sometimes the timing can be a little bit tricky for us because of the way our work flows. They are always willing to accommodate that. They even assist us with the design and coming up with new ideas. There are a lot of companies out there that can wrap a van, but not all of them can give you both great customer service and creativity.”

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