Dale delves deeper into managing finances. Continuing July’s discussion of finances, let’s dig deeper and address specific financial aspects of your business. We received several questions from readers; we’ll address those individually later. To answer questions, I’ve recruited our CFO, Sam Ahwal, to help. Sam has managed business finances for nearly 20 years; past clients include Budget Rent-A-Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car and California Café. He first consulted for Media 1, then he became partner/ CFO three years ago. He’s made a... Read MoreMinding Your Money, Part 2

You won’t grow if you don’t understand your finances. This month’s column is going to be a little different; it won’t feature a wrap or sign project. We’re going to address something many signcompany owners rarely talk about, or don’t want to talk about: financial management. Although often neglected, it’s vital to a successful business. It could be THE most important factor for a business owner. Why? Because making money is why we’re in business. If we didn’t need money,... Read MoreMind Your Money

A primer on vinyl-application hardware, tools and equipment Since I started Media 1 (29 years ago!), I’ve seen firsthand the sign industry’s explosive growth. Back in 1984, if you didn’t know how to drag a lettering quill loaded with 1Shot® lettering enamel across a hand-rolled, 4 x 8-ft., MDO board, you weren’t in the sign business! A toolbox full of brushes, numerous cans of sealed-over lettering enamel, an overhead projector and an Electro-Pounce™ patternmaking system were a signpainter’s trademark equipment.... Read MoreThe Tools and the Talent