“Looking at somebody’s art and figuring out how to make it into a physical reality…that’s the part I really enjoy.”

Logistical mastermind, Rick Ream, directs Media 1’s highly professional sign fabrication and installation teams. His central mission: deliver aesthetically-pleasing projects, engineered to exact specifications, as smoothly as possible—absolutely on time.

Rick credits the military for his attention to detail and ability to coordinate projects and teams. He spent four years working on the flight deck of a Navy aircraft carrier, where one misstep could spell disaster. His electrical training in the Navy made him comfortable with diving into manuals and enabled him to earn his Electrical Sign Contractor’s license, which he has held for over 20 years with zero complaints.

Rick has over 30 years of sign industry experience. He first worked in a sign shop, then owned a sign installation and repair business, and went on to sell his second sign business before joining Media 1. Our customers rely on Rick’s knowledge and expertise to anticipate and solve problems. Sometimes, he even questions rules that don’t make sense. In Santa Monica, for example, he found errors in the regulations, which led to changes in the city’s code.

“We take a turn-key approach to projects. Customers don’t have to worry. Put it in our hands and we’ll take care of it.”

Rick’s mild-mannered personality serves him well in the (sometimes insane) world of sign fabrication and installation. He thrives on navigating the challenges particular to each project. He meets customer requirements, maneuvers codes and restrictions in cities across the country, and manages the rigors of working in public spaces and other tricky environments. He works collaboratively with structural engineers, inspectors and city officials in each instance to deliver and install long-lasting signs that go beyond all code requirements.

Rick’s idea of a “great day” is when “everything runs smoothly, with no hitches, and works as planned.” He especially enjoys sign projects that feature a blend of design techniques, including: digital printing, custom painting, custom carving, and fabrication.

“I believe in doing what you say you’re going to do, and meeting the timelines and deadlines you commit to.”

Rick rode a motorcycle every day for 20 years and sold his last bike to buy his first parachute. His calm demeanor may contrast with the guy who routinely and voluntarily falls out of the sky with a parachute strapped to his back. He also organizes synchronized jumps with other people who enjoy plunging to the earth at 120 miles per hour. He has completed almost 1200 jumps in 15 years. He has a son with his wife of 30 years, Debbie, who works alongside him as Media 1’s permit specialist.

Hobbies: Skydiving, Cars, Backpacking