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Bring Your Creative Challenges:
We Love What We Do

Your vision inspires us.  Experience a hassle-free, turn-key process that includes design, fabrication, installation and a perfect finish. 

Who We Are

We are dedicated to fresh creative, inspired innovation and superior materials at every step.  When you work with us, you can expect a long-lasting finished product that makes your company stand out above the rest.

It's our mission to cover every detail of every project.  When you work with us, you don't have to worry about meeting specifications, codes and other regulations that can cause headaches later if they're not handled correctly the first time.

On this page, we introduce you to our management team and facilities.  While each leader brings his own values and experience to the work, each is committed to nailing the details and deadlines of your project.  

Our Management Team

The unique skill sets and core competencies of our leadership team combine to create a strong company known for both creativity and reliability.  Our management team has conquered many a challenge.  Hands-on, in-depth experience guides our designers and installation crews to deliver a top performance--every time out--no matter where they are.  Each manager will tell you:  Mistakes will happen, it's what you do next that matters.  This inspires our teams to be creative and innovative, resolving problems along the way.  What appears to be brilliance (aren’t we modest?) is actually a disciplined, solution-focused attitude.


DALE SALAMACHA, Founder & President

“Say what you are going to do and do it.  Period.”

Energetic and passionate, Dale Salamacha’s excitement about the future is infectious—his dedication to his craft, obvious. 

From an early age, Dale was involved in the two core businesses that now make up Media 1 and Wrap This.  Working in his father’s body shop, he was influenced early on by a strict work ethic, “If you’re gonna do it, do it right.”  He painted his first car at age 14, opened his own sign business out of his mother’s garage at age 16, and eventually specialized in painting high-end cars and exotic boats.   He transitioned from hand airbrushing to cutting-edge vehicle wraps within 6 months of the new wrap technology arriving on the market. 

Almost 30 years later, Dale’s near-life-long passion and constant embrace of new technology positions Media 1 and Wrap This at the forefront of their industries.

“Every day, I’m excited to get results and break new ground.”

Dale is dedicated to providing creative designs that stand out and attract more business for his customers.  He defines his team as image designers who craft striking first impressions—a mission they all take very seriously. 

Customers are often delighted to see projects evolve beyond their original creative vision.  Dale has combined his own processes with today’s technology explosion to stretch boundaries and create unique brand images for his customers.

Dale defines his own overarching talent as being smart enough to hire skilled individuals who share his commitment: WOWing customers with impressive designs and turn-key project execution. 

“When we walk into premier events and there’s 4,000 people looking up at the big sign we just made, that’s very gratifying.”

With seemingly boundless energy and passion, Dale finds time to share his secrets with others—namely, embracing change and learning from mistakes.  He has authored many articles published by industry-specific magazines such as:  Sign of the Times, Sign Builder Illustrated, Hot Boat, Powerboating, Digital Output and the Orlando Business Journal.  He finds it deeply satisfying to share his secrets for success so others can benefit and contribute to the industry.

Gregarious and fearless, Dale’s next horizon includes public speaking about his journey and how his hard-won lessons can be adapted to any business model.  Dale has been a gymnast and martial artist for most of his life, and is a student of Yoshikai karate.

Hobbies: Karate, Running, Yoga


RICK REAM, Vice President, Sign Fabrication & Installation

“Looking at somebody’s art and figuring out how to make it into a physical reality…that’s the part I really enjoy.”

Logistical mastermind, Rick Ream, directs Media 1’s highly professional sign fabrication and installation teams.  His central mission:  deliver aesthetically-pleasing projects, engineered to exact specifications, as smoothly as possible—absolutely on time.  

Rick credits the military for his attention to detail and ability to coordinate projects and teams.  He spent four years working on the flight deck of a Navy aircraft carrier, where one misstep could spell disaster.  His electrical training in the Navy made him comfortable with diving into manuals and enabled him to earn his Electrical Sign Contractor’s license, which he has held for over 20 years with zero complaints.

Rick has over 30 years of sign industry experience.  He first worked in a sign shop, then owned a sign installation and repair business, and went on to sell his second sign business before joining Media 1.  Our customers rely on Rick’s knowledge and expertise to anticipate and solve problems.  Sometimes, he even questions rules that don’t make sense.  In Santa Monica, for example, he found errors in the regulations, which led to changes in the city’s code.

“We take a turn-key approach to projects.  Customers don’t have to worry.  Put it in our hands and we’ll take care of it.”

Rick’s mild-mannered personality serves him well in the (sometimes insane) world of sign fabrication and installation.  He thrives on navigating the challenges particular to each project.  He meets customer requirements, maneuvers codes and restrictions in cities across the country, and manages the rigors of working in public spaces and other tricky environments.  He works collaboratively with structural engineers, inspectors and city officials in each instance to deliver and install long-lasting signs that go beyond all code requirements. 

Rick’s idea of a “great day” is when “everything runs smoothly, with no hitches, and works as planned.”  He especially enjoys sign projects that feature a blend of design techniques, including:  digital printing, custom painting, custom carving, and fabrication.  

“I believe in doing what you say you’re going to do, and meeting the timelines and deadlines you commit to.”

Rick rode a motorcycle every day for 20 years and sold his last bike to buy his first parachute.  His calm demeanor may contrast with the guy who routinely and voluntarily falls out of the sky with a parachute strapped to his back.  He also organizes synchronized jumps with other people who enjoy plunging to the earth at 120 miles per hour.  He has completed almost 1200 jumps in 15 years.  He has a son with his wife of 30 years, Debbie, who works alongside him as Media 1’s permit specialist.

Hobbies: Skydiving, Cars, Backpacking


DAMON COPPOLA, Vice President, Design & Wrap Operations

“My work is most rewarding when I see the smile or an unexpected tear on a client’s face when they see our final product.”

Bringing ideas to life is Damon Coppola’s forte.  With a graphic designer’s heart and a marketer’s mind, he creates designs that help clients take their vision to the next level—and to the bank. 

Right out of high school, Damon started a specialty item and screen printing business, which happened to be right next door to Dale Salamacha’s first sign shop.  He soon worked with his future partner on signs before re-joining him later at Media 1 and Wrap This.  Damon’s long history of working with identity advertising companies honed his focus on legibility, composition and client brand identity, defining his style early on.

For a short time, Damon joined his family’s cabinet company where he coordinated large jobs and managed installation crews on the road.  During that time, he developed what he calls “snowball” management, believing that how he reacts as a leader affects how his team reacts—and he prefers to train them to admit mistakes and address them immediately with a solution.

After two years of working in the family business, the creative pull of his artistic nature drew him back to the sign industry.

Although Media 1 and Wrap This use state-of-the-art graphic programs, Damon still hand-draws characters, fonts, and concepts to design and prototype solutions that capture clients’ unique brand identities.  However, whether wrapping boats or creating architectural details on buildings, Damon adheres to the basics of visibility, legibility and brand continuity.  The result is his calling card: stunning displays that stand out from a distance. 

“I love helping clients look better and make more money.”

Nothing makes Damon happier than tackling a concept that no other company can execute, or one that has never been done before.  He finds it exciting to create a design concept that captures a client’s vision, reflecting what they say they want—and often delivering surprising elements they didn’t even know they wanted.

When asked about his biggest influence, Damon said, “My grandfather.  He was a strong leader.  He was always pushing us as kids to focus and stay out of trouble.  He would say, ‘always try to learn, advance in what you do and be a good person’.  He was a great all-around person, always helping people.” 

Damon is an avid fisherman and enjoys trading “fish stories” with customers across the country.  He also loves cooking, camping and having fun with his extended family.  He lives in Central Florida with his wife (Erica), kids (Logan and Sofia), and JoJo the Cairn Terrier, who looks like Toto from The Wizard of Oz.

Hobbies: Fishing, Camping, Cooking, Family Fun


SAM AHWAL, Chief Financial Officer

“Managing the overall financial well-being of the company is my passion.”

Driven by the love of seeing a company flourish, Sam Ahwal finds great joy in streamlining Media 1’s operations so that all departments work toward common goals. Though he lives and breathes P&Ls, Sam believes that financial gain is secondary to maximizing a customer’s experience and delivering on all promises.

As a business consultant in the early part of his career, Sam traveled throughout the US and Canada teaching companies how to increase revenues and streamline their operations. As he trained frontline executives and staff, he realized that backend operations were often overlooked, with grave results. So many good companies were failing because they didn’t know how to read P&L statements or manage expenses. Seeing that he could make a huge difference in this niche, he began operational consulting, leaving companies with exploding profit margins in his wake.

“I’m on vacation every day. I don’t feel like I’m working because I love what I do.”

Sam’s love of business reached full throttle when he saw the impact of helping once-struggling companies flourish and create better lives for their people, who, in turn, provided exceptional service to their customers. A long-term strategic thinker, he builds financial foundations to manage growth and expansion while strengthening a company’s ability to weather downturns in the economy.

Our Facilities

Our corporate headquarters houses office administration, management, design, and production departments for Media 1's two major divisions--signage and wraps. If you toured our shop, you'd see everything we work with under one roof: design, drafting, paint booth, fabrication, printing, installation and warehousing.  You'd see the most advanced technology and materials available from HP and 3M, which allow us to create photo-quality images on a grand scale, colors that get noticed and stay true, and designs that defy boring.

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